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Filmed in Crete, the biggest Greek island, THE ISLAND is the first of series of documentaries from the Tails of the World Series.

A collection of stories and tails that survived the time until nowadays. 

This visit through the touristic routes and the less known places where myths were born.

In the Crete Island we've revisited the legend of Icarus, the ambitious man who dared flying higher than the Gods, as well as the tail of ht Minotaurus and the Labyrinth.

A journey where the fiction and reality bend together 

A Creative Movie Solutions original production which promises to take the viewer on a journey through the Tales of the World.


Filmed in the U.K., Germany, Swiss, Portugal, China, Georgia, Greece and Poland, the Drone Reel showcases the best of Creative Movie Solutions CAA certified Commercial Drone operators shots captured on our international productions.

A journey through the ar along the territories where we have been producing content for cinema and television worldwide.

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